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Our products are a slow rhythm handcraft. We collect and dry the plants ourselves – during the Spring and Summer straight from the nature, during the Winter from the befriended florist’s. Walks in the woods and on the meadows are a source of fascination, which we use to create the floral compositions. Each plant is different, so you can be sure that you will receive an unrepeatable accessory.

Nature inspired

The rhythm of our production is dictated by the nature cycle – each season of the year brings different possibilities and inspirations. During the Spring time we wait patiently until the plants will wake up to life, so that we can later take advantage of the Summer generosity. We make use of the nature treasures, remembering to pass the beauty and energy forward, enclosed in our products.

Timeless style

Floral accents will always be a feminine, charming element of any stylization. We offer various patterns, combining the plants with gold flakes or rocks. The mirage of modernity with nature is a solution that’s both original and universal, so don’t hesitate and grab one of our flowery propositions that will suit you no matter what’s your outfit.

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