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The most famous, recognisable product of Fern&Felt company, which is the pressed flowers phone case with real plants covered with resin, is most of all incredible, charming and totally adorable accessories, which please the eyes of our dearest Customers. However, this is not the end. We also offer felt headbands, pictures filled with real, dried flowers and bookmarks with floral accents.

What value hides behind those unique decorations?

First of all, due to the described aesthetic value and unusual use of real flowers, those lucky girls who own our phone covers or decorations, always have something extraordinarily beautiful by their side, no matter what is their daily routine, occupation or what kind of duties fill their time. Such trifle, despite its little size, can add charm even to the most common, day-to-day moments, which makes the eyery-day reality more pleasant and appreciated.

Second of all, every product has been made with the use of solid material and due to this fact it’s going to remain in its primary form and shape for a long time. It’s obvious that the main function of a decoration is to please the eye of its Owner and fulfill her aesthetic needs, in a word it’s supposed to be lovely. However, nice appearance is not everything, and what also matters is the safety and comfort of use, doesn’t it? Let’s take the example of pressed flower phone case. The floral phone cover will not only make your smartphone more attractive and appealing, but it will also serve as its protection.

powrót na łono natury

Due to the fact that our accessories and handmade and embellished manually with the use of flowers which we collect from the Polish meadows by ourselves, the users of phone cases, headbands and pictures have the unique opportunity to experience some kind of return to the bosom of nature. Choosing the handmade decorations in the highly technological world seems a perfect fusion of nature and modernity. We wish to give you a moment of rest, due to which you can remind yourself about the time spent with the nature and recall the freedom and joy that come from visiting your favourite places. Each and every one of us owns a hippie element within ourselves and it will wake up to life if only you give it the chance.

unikalny produkt

We proudly present the product, which has been made with the highest carefulness with the use of local materials, which ensures the highest quality and long time of usage. As we all know, there are no two identical plants, which makes every floral phone cover a little bit different and definitely one of a kind, as each of us. Choosing such a unique case, you will get yourself a piece of beauty available only for you and always within arm’s reach. Therefore, if you wish to have it – become our customer and feel special and one of a kind – and become convinced that you fully deserve it. 

With Fern&Felt products you can express your own originality and select the composition that will show your personality in the most faithfull way. Glitter, abundant ferns, rich colours, delicate poppies or maybe minimalistic patterns? The possibilities are endless, you can inspire yourself with ready compositions which we have suggested or you can introduce us to your own vision, so that we can adapt to your perspective – after all, you are the one who knows what’s best for you.

stworzone z uczuciem

Additionally, please bear in mind that handmade phone case with real flowers, felt floral headband or natural book frame with dried plants is also a perfect proposition of a gift for your beloved ones. The carefulness of the process of the product creation and the heart that our team puts in it will undoubtedly make the gifted individual feel important and appreciate your gesture.

We invite you to visit our shop and wish a whole bunch of inspirations, in selecting the one, ideal prodcut, as well as in daily life. 

Fern&Felt Team 


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