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Fern&Felt is a brand that has been created by a nature lover who is addicted to flowers. During the entire process of the brand creation, the owner thought about people with similar penchant for natural beauty, hoping that she can introduce a whole new kind of art to people’s lives.

One autumn walk a few years ago has resulted in the decision that the colourful leaves first dried between the book pages, will rise to a second life as accessories for people who are fond of the botanic style.

Today a couple of flower presses are bursting at the seams, keeping hundreds of plants that have previously been collected on meadows, lawns, in the woods, or purchased in the befriended floral shops.

Our products come as a fusion of nature and modernity. You can have a tiny bit of wood or meadow always by your side, either on your phone case or included in the floral jewellery. Moreover, even the interior of your house or apartment can be decorated with unique picture made of dried flowers. Please bear in mind that every single item is a little bit different, due to the fact of being hand-made and created with real plants’ pieces, which obviously don’t all look the same. The nature gives us a whole variety of species and there are no two identical flowers, but isn’t it just making your floral accessories more outstanding and inimitable? The richness of nature in Poland enables us to create an enormity of original compositions. We are always really proud of it and emphasise the fact that we use mostly the polish plants that we have collected ourselves.

The phone cases that we use are made of transparent silicon, which ensures both elasticity and resistance to abrasion, dirt or shape loss. The case will adjust to your phone perfectly in order to protect its back, corners and sides. Plants, which are placed on the phone case, can please your eye for many months of using, due to the fact of being preserved in resin. Additionally, because we care about the wellbeing of your Customers, we use the highest quality resin, which is non toxic and smell free. 

Please bear in mind that are phone cases are handmade with the usage of real flowers, so there could be some small imperfections, such as little bumps, due to the thickness of plants. However, these do not affect the look and functionality of the case, only make it more unique and unrepeatable. 

We also offer floral head bands and felt wreaths for both young and a bit older girls. All of such items are created with care for details and the intention to make the felt flowers look similar to the real ones.

Our inspiration? The perception of surrounding world and the beauty of changing seasons is the best occasion to broaden our creative horizons. If you have an idea for your own product, that is at least slightly associated to our scope of products, please let us know so that we can create something really special and customized for you.