The scent of lilac and the rain is a lovely combination, especially now, since we have waited for the rain and free walks for such a long time. The last couple of weeks have been filled with a lot of organizational chaos, but the enormous amount of packages are already on the way to their owners. The Spring and Summer mean long evenings spent over the flower press for me – since the time of squill, forget-me-nots and flowering almonds has already passed. Right now I am hunting for young ferns and buttercups, I have already started to notice beautiful peonies as well. I’ve also found the first poppy among the grass… My workshop is filled with magnets, mirrors, jewellery and iPad cases, most of them await to be photographed, but in the house two little rugrats need attention and the intense development of the new variety of products must wait a little bit. What doesn’t wait, however, is the nature. Everything blooms madly with crazy speed, so I am getting my Girls ready to sleep and I continue to dry the flowers, I dry without the end.

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